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HZ2 Rooftop Packaged

Air Conditioning Unit

This unit controls the internal temperature of a non-pressurised module where the external and internal areas are classified as hazardous.

This ATEX compliant unit is designed for use in hazardous, explosive areas (zone 1 / zone 2). Designed to be externally mounted on the roof, the unit is cased in stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

As the unit only requires a connection to roof penetrations or inlet / outlet ducts, this configuration requires no internal space within the module / cabin offering a versatile solution for various module / cabins.

There is no external piping and the units are supplied pre-charged with refrigerant and ready to run. Units are designed for easy installation and do not require specialist installation. The only client interface required is to bolt the unit in place, connect the ducting, power supply and external controls (in some cases). Once installed the controls are easy to use and maintain reliable automated room-temperature control.

Suitable for

  • offshore
  • marine
  • petrochemical
  • hazardous
  • Benefits

    • Flame-proof: Hermetically-sealed products reduce the risk of ignition in flammable or explosive areas.
    • Compliant: Designed according to an ISO 9001 accredited QMS these products are compliant with IECEX and EU ATEX and PED directives, where applicable.
    • Customisation: When conditions are unique, customisation is possible. Products are adaptable when bespoke features are required.
    • Durable: Manufactured with durable components and cased in 316L stainless steel to promote a long service life.
    • User-friendly: Units are designed for easy installation and do not require specialist installation. Once installed, controls are easy to use.
  • Temperature Regulation

    Designed Ambient Temperature

    • +40°C (3kW, 7kW, 10kW, 14kW, 20kW)

    Unit Operating Limits

    • -20°C to +40°C (3kW, 7kW, 10kW, 14kW, 20kW)
  • Non-Standard Options

    The following options are available upon request:

    • Heating
    • Special electrical supply
    • Suitable for an H2S environment
    • IIC compliant
    • NORSOK compliant
  • Applications

    • Crane cabins
    • Analyser houses
    • Dog houses
    • Metering stations

    For non-hazardous applications, see Climarine® CM2 Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioning Unit

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Download data sheets

HZ2 Range Datasheet
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We've got you covered.

We've got you covered.

For pricing or technical enquiries, you can reach our products department by phone at +44 (0) 1224 707080 or by email.

We're here to help.